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Egor Koshelev

Chilli Ft. Carrapicho-Tic Tic Tac 1997

"Tic, Tic Tac" is a song by Brazilian band Carrapicho. It was released in June 1996 as the lead single from the album Festa do boi bumba, which was later certified Platinum disc in France. The song was also recorded by Chilli featuring Carrapicho and released in May 1997. The original version charted in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Spain. The remixed version, produced by Frank Farian,[1] charted in Austria, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Chilli ft. Carrapicho-Tic Tic Tac 1997

In 1997, the song was covered by Fruit De La Passion,[5] and in the same year the song finally became a success in Brazil, its country of origin.[2] In the same year, the song was covered using original lyrics and released as a single by singer Murat Nasyrov, titled Mal'chik hochet v Tambov (The Boy Wants to go to Tambov). His version became a massive hit in Russia and received a Golden Gramophone Award in 1997.

Alex Bellos from The Guardian commented, "This year the track nominated by the brightest brains in the European music industry to make the most Britons dance like chickens reliving their sleaziest holiday memories is called "Tic, Tic Tac". If you travelled to any tacky tourist zone this summer, or anywhere in Latin America, you will probably already be seeking aversion therapy to stop this mantra going through your mind: 'Baji baji tambo, chicachicachicachica'. The actual words are the Brazilian 'Bate forte o tambor, Eu quero e tic tic tic, tac' but that's not really the point."[6] Pan-European magazine Music & Media wrote, "If a track's worth can be judged by the number of covers which appear in its wake, then "Tic, Tic Tac" is a monster. Various "versions" have been spotted in Spain and Italy, where the track has already been widely compiled and is enjoying serious airplay. But even the original track is not really the original... Carrapicho's first recording of "Tic, Tic Tac" was released in 1995 by RCA in Brazil, where it went on to sell a respectable 500,000 units. That version was released across Europe via France last year, but failed to live up to BMG's hopes that it would become another "Lambada"/"Macarena" sensation. 1997's version, featuring Chilli, is altogether more "Europeanised" and is currently collecting airplay in the Netherlands and Germany. The track has also been warmly received by two of Spain's major radio networks, Los 40 Principales and Cadena 100, both of whom have declared it "the song of the summer." Somewhat predictably, the only European territory not intending to release "Tic, Tic Tac" is the U.K, despite the fact that, like "Macarena", it's more than just a song, with its own easy-to follow dance routine and a devilishly catchy chorus."[7] Alan Jackson from The Times commented, "Apparently summer is incomplete without a Euro-hit imported by nostalgic package holidaymakers. Here it is."[8] 041b061a72

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