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How to Download UPS WorldShip 2019 and Connect It to Your Business Systems

i had to do psexec with an admin account. I was not able to make it install with the system account. It fails not at the worldship level but another sub feature. UPS support was not able to help me either.

ups worldship download 2019

While FedEx Express and FedEx Ground rates, surcharges and discounts automatically download to your system, you may need to download them manually if your rate is showing as $0.00 on the dynamic rate preview or rate quote. Here's how to do a Demand Download:

Note: If you are using a shipping system provided by FedEx, you can download and install the current version of FedEx Ship Manager Software. If you experience any technical issues installing this software, please call the FedEx Ship Manager Technical Support Center at 1.877.FDX Assist 1.877.339.2774. Use of this software is governed by the FedEx Automation Agreement for FedEx Ship Manager.

Trying to install the newest version of UPS Worldship, as an unlisted app, from the Worldship DVD.As this version requires Windows 8 or newer for a clean install, create a Win 10 64bit bottle.Get message that the app requires .NET framework 4.6.1. Proceed to attempt .NET install, which stalls out early on in the process and eventually throws up an error, which also causes the Worldship installer to fail since it can't find the necessary .NET framework.Attempt to install the listed .NET framework 4.6.1 into the same bottle. This also grabs the dependencies, .NET framework 2.0, .NET framework 2.0 service pack 2, and .NET framework 4.0. .NET installer throws up errors on all of them except 4.6.1. Despite this, all show up as successfully installed in CrossOver.Re-run Worldship installer on the same bottle. Installer does not recognize .NET framework 4.6.1 as installed, attempts to download and install 4.6.1 again, and hangs as before.

You can only download new Rates updates for WorldShip if you are using the latest version. You can review the WorldShip Rate version by selecting the Support tab, WorldShip, and then About UPS WorldShip. MM/YY (Month/Year) will be displayed in the UPS Service Rates Version.

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My client went live with Acumatica 2019R2 in March 2020 and needed UPS integration so we opted for Shipstation based on recommendations and review of other applications. Though we've had some minor issues. it works well with the shipment portion but now we have problems with return labels. Apparently with WorldShip you can do "Call Tags" that are given to the UPS driver that does their normal shipment pickups and they will then schedule to pickup the package from the customer. All costs are charged back to us as the primary shipper. With Shipstation, you can print Return labels that are emailed directly to the client. If the customer then takes the package to a UPS shipping drop-off location or has daily UPS pickup nothing additional is charged. However, if the customer calls for a UPS pickup of that package because they are residential or do not have daily pickup services with UPS, UPS wants to charge the customer a $7-$10 fee for the pickup. This would be fine if the customer was returning something they didn't like but it's more often a case where our company shipped the wrong package and are now simply requesting a return of the package and agrees to eat the shipping costs since it is our mistake.

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