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Enjoy Oya Ekka Durak Yanna by Kasun Chamikara - MP3 and Lyrics Available

Oya Ekka Durak Yanna: A Sinhalese Song of Love and Loss

If you are looking for a Sinhalese song that will touch your heart and make you feel the pain of a broken relationship, then you should listen to Oya Ekka Durak Yanna. This song, which means "You go far away with him" in English, is a beautiful and sad expression of love and loss. In this article, we will explore what the song is about, who is the singer and composer, where can you download the song and lyrics, what is the meaning and message of the song, and how popular and well-received the song is.


What is the song about?

Oya Ekka Durak Yanna is a song that tells the story of a man who is heartbroken after his lover leaves him for another man. He asks her why she changed so much and why she gave him so much pain. He tells her that he still loves her and that he cannot forget her. He wishes her happiness with her new partner, but he also hopes that she will remember him someday.

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Who is the singer and composer?

The singer of Oya Ekka Durak Yanna is Kasun Chamikara, a young and talented Sinhalese singer who has a melodious voice and a passion for music. He has sung many other popular songs such as Dura Diga Nobala, Mata Heenayak Wela, and Hamuweema Wenweema. The composer of Oya Ekka Durak Yanna is Radeesh Vandebona, a renowned Sinhalese music director who has composed many hit songs such as Adarei Man Adarei, Mage As Walin, and Nura Wasanthe.

Where can you download the song and lyrics?

If you want to listen to Oya Ekka Durak Yanna or download it as an mp3 file, you can visit [Boomplay](^1^), [JioSaavn](^2^), or [Apple Music](^6^). These are some of the platforms where you can find the song along with its album, genre, year of release, and other details. If you want to read or sing along with the lyrics of Oya Ekka Durak Yanna, you can visit [JioSaavn](^2^) or [YouTube](^4^). These are some of the websites where you can find the lyrics in both Sinhalese and English.

The Meaning and Message of the Song

The story behind the lyrics

The lyrics of Oya Ekka Durak Yanna are written by Sajith V Chathuranga, a Sinhalese lyricist who has written many other songs such as Mage As Walin, Nur