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Egor Koshelev
Egor Koshelev

The Book Thief Movie Download ##HOT## Free

A search for an actress to play the eponymous book thief, Liesel Meminger, occurred across the world. On February 4, 2013, it was announced that Canadian actress Sophie Nélisse was cast in the role and that Australian actor Geoffrey Rush and English actress Emily Watson would be playing Meminger's foster parents.[8]

The Book Thief Movie Download Free

Easy to say, I supposed, if your income isn't tied directly to your copyrights, but what if it is, as is mine? What if you're college educated, award-winning and best-selling and still qualify for food stamps? In part due to book after book of yours appearing as a digital download for $1.99 on some Indonesian (Russian, American, Jamaican) pirate's web site? A portion of which, you'll never see?

Every time someone downloads pirated copies of my books, that's hard-earned money out of my pocket. Sure, it might be "only a dollar or two", but multiply that by tens of thousands, and that's a house payment, a grocery bill, my kids' clothing, getting my car fixed - in other words, vital expenses that my creative sweat should have been able to cover. If my work hadn't been stolen, that is.

We should be able to make a fair amount of money for our work, period. Would you refuse to pay a mechanic for fixing your car? Walk out of a store with a cart full of groceries without paying? Walk into a theater and demand your non-existent "right" to see a movie without buying a ticket? Expect to walk out of a Barnes & Noble without paying for your book? Of course you wouldn't. Allow writers to receive a fair price for their work!

It took me twenty years of submissions, rejections and learning my craft to find success as a published author. My husband and I live on my income--or we have been. Piracy is taking away my ability to support us with my writing. As an author, I work seven days a week to meet my deadlines, and it's beyond discouraging to see my books appear on pirate sites often even BEFORE their official release date. Something has to be done--when I can go to a pirate site and see where almost 10,000 copies of my latest book have been illegally downloaded it makes me absolutely ill, especially when I can compare those downloads to my falling sales. Somehow this has got to be stopped.

With each download, I and my publishers are cheated out the profits. Where are my rights as the author of these stolen books? The rights of the publisher that has worked hard to get these books ready for the public?

Why is my work less 'real' or 'important'? Because my books aren't in print? That shouldn't matter. It's still my creative work, and the fact that it's in a .pdf format shouldn't automatically mean it's up for grabs -- for free.

Piracy is different. There is already a supply of the product freely available at uninflated market rates. Nobody is trying to choke off your supply of Spiderman 2 or Skyrim. Drastically reducing piracy is a much simpler legislative task than eliminating drugs; you simply go after the advertisers who support pirate-based websites, the pirate websites themselves, and make sure to from time to time make an example of one of the downloaders themselves (which creates a fear-based incentive to not pirate). Since there is a parallel supply chain (i.e., the legitimate sales of the product), demand for pirated goods should decrease rather elastically as the risk of consuming and distributing such goods is increased. Whether lawmakers will go down this road or not remains to be seen, but right now all signs point to yes.

Once information is digitized, the costs of replication and distribution are close to nil. This means the open market value of a digital copy of a movie also becomes pretty close to nil. The purpose of digitizing data is easier (and cheaper) copying, storing, processing, and distribution. Welcome, big media, and Ryan, to the free market in the information age.

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