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Sage 100 I7.rar HOT

Many viruses or malicious programs can cause the svchost.exe high CPU/memory usage problem. So, before you continue to troubleshoot the Svchost.exe high CPU usage problem, use this Malware Scan and Removal Guide to check and remove viruses or/and malicious programs that may be running on your computer.

Sage 100 I7.rar HOT

In other computers, the svchost.exe high usage problem may occur when Windows searches for updates (in the background). In order to troubleshoot high CPU usage problems during Windows Update, perform the following steps.

I've had this problem for some time and discovered that it was solely caused by Windows Update Service. I use "System Explorer" and I would watch my CPU sit at 50% almost all the time. It was svchost.exe -k netsvcs being the heavy user. (Another was listed but not using the CPU like the first one.)By following it's relationships in the program, I systematically turned off all the services related- one by one. (services.msc) Sometimes I'd have to reboot and start over again. But when I got to Windows Update and stopped it, my CPU usage dropped to almost nothing. At that point I set Windows Update on "Manual". Since then, it only happened when I was updating a driver and had to go back in and stop it.So, again: services.msc, scroll down to Windows Update and stop it. If it works for you, set it to manual.

Fantastic information in this article. Used a number of the sections. Problem improved after deleting the event logs leaving cpu usage at around 50% plus. When I stopped the windows update service using Windows Task Manager CPU usage then went down to under 10% even with other applications running. Following the advice has rejuvenated my 8+ year old vista pc.

OH, and before that, I went through the processes tied to svchost, and the first one I stopped was wuauserv. Soon as I stopped that, cpu usage went back to normal. Looked it up, and it's the Windows Update service, so then moved on to the recreating the distribution directory and now I'm back in business. :)

For me it was the Windows Update Service, using 50% of the cpu even after my laptop was on for hours. I had to use the third party "Process Explorer" program to see the list of services used by svchost.exe (there were quite a few), as the Windows Task Manager would not display the services being used. As soon as I disabled the Windows Update Service the cpu went from 50% plus usage to a few percent. It was necessary to disable the service while in Safe Mode. I'll just manually check for updates, but it's Windows 7. How did Microsoft let this happen?

Thanks a lot! I didn't do any of those things, I just set the Windows Update service startup to manual and the CPU usage dropped from 64% to 10% immediately, but your guide definitely pointed me in the right direction. Again, thank you.

It really worked, I found the problem. It was windows update that caused my computer's memory full. When i stopped the service, my memory usage decreased about 1GB ! I did not believe this, why my windows update service use so many memory ?Thank you for the tutorial, that was really helpful

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