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Touch Loops VHS Rhythms (WAV)

Touch Loops VHS Rhythms (WAV)

If you are looking for a lo-fi hip hop sample pack that has all the emotion, character and bump you need, then you might want to check out Touch Loops VHS Rhythms. This is a collection of 170 loops and 110 one shots that are inspired by the classic sound of MPC beats, Dilla, Shlohmo and more. The samples are textured, nostalgic, saturated and 100% beautifully produced by the production genius that is Oribu.

In this article, we will review some of the features and highlights of this sample pack, and show you how you can use it to create your own lo-fi hip hop tracks.

Download Zip:

What's inside the pack?

The pack contains 477.1 MB of WAV files that are divided into different categories. Here is a breakdown of what you can find inside:

  • Drums: This category includes 20 kicks, 12 claps, 7 snares, 20 hats and 34 drum loops. The drums are warm, punchy and full of character. They have a nice tape saturation and vinyl crackle that add to the lo-fi vibe.

  • Bass: This category includes 9 upright bass loops that are smooth, deep and groovy. The bass sounds organic and realistic, and fits well with the drums and keys.

  • Keys: This category includes 10 electric piano loops, 8 piano loops and 4 MPC keys loops. The keys are rich, soulful and melodic. They have a nice lo-fi texture and reverb that create a dreamy atmosphere.

  • Synth: This category includes 4 arp loops and 4 pad loops. The synth sounds are bright, airy and futuristic. They add some contrast and diversity to the pack.

  • Percussion: This category includes 6 bamboo percussion loops and 6 broken tape percussion loops. The percussion sounds are organic, quirky and rhythmic. They add some spice and movement to the tracks.

  • FX: This category includes 6 vinyl tape FX loops, 4 OP-1 FX loops and 4 woods FX loops. The FX sounds are creative, experimental and atmospheric. They add some depth and interest to the tracks.

All the samples are recorded in high quality WAV format, with tempos ranging from 65 to 110 BPM. They are compatible with any DAW or sampler that can handle WAV files.

How to use the pack?

The pack is very easy to use, as you can simply drag and drop the samples into your DAW or sampler of choice. You can mix and match the samples from different categories to create your own lo-fi hip hop beats. You can also tweak the samples with effects, filters, EQ, compression and more to suit your taste and style.